YUVA Innovation Platform

YUVA Innovation Platform (YIP) is a branch of the YUVA student organization.

It provides a platform for students, researchers and other interested people to work together on social and humanitarian causes.


  • To promote research and development towards a more sustainable world.
  • To create innovative solutions improving the conditions of societies and the environment.
  • To create awareness about technology and its beneficial social impacts.

To address YIP’s missions, it is divided into 4 main axes: Idea Box, Lecture Series, Projects, and Workshops


The YIP initiative is based on harnessing the intellectual capabilities and skills of students and researchers at EPFL/UNIL, and our partners, towards solving some of the most challenging problems in developing nations.


YIP 2018 Projects Announced!

Contact yip.yuva@epfl.ch for application procedure and more details!

yip 2018


YIP Managers (yip.yuva@epfl.ch)

  1. Harsh Beria
  2. Rajasundar Chandran